Training at WTS

At WTS we believe the success or failure of training horses relies solely on communication. And while horses as a species are very similar in their perception, thinking, responses, reactions and natural instincts in general, the differences in their exposure, environments and treatments from birth through adulthood, make them and their learned behaviors, individually very different.

Knowing the congenital similarities as a species, and inherent behaviors and instincts they possess, is what gives trainers a strong foundation in understanding what most horses will respond to and why they behave or react as they do. However environmental and exposural differences make horses individuals, with at times, many unpredictable responses or behaviors. Because of this WTS believes training horses has to be a patient and flexible process, due to the fact the same methods and techniques often don’t work on all horses.

At WTS we approach each horse in training as an individual, taking into account personality, pre-training environmental factors, health and physical limitations. Then, taking the information at hand into consideration, a prospective training program is put together which addresses the needs of each horse as an individual. If a horse doesn’t respond favorably or progress to specific training methods, the training approach is changed and through a process of elimination, we are able to discover the best form of communicating what we want and need from each horse. It only makes sense that horses coming from different backgrounds, temperaments and owners and with different problems, experiences and levels of training are going to need training that address who and where they are as individuals.
Head Trainer Joy Weber-McKendrick
Joy has over twenty years of showing, training and competing in a multitude of breeds, disciplines and backgrounds.She’s competed successfully at local, regional, national and world levels. She’s worked with weanlings on up for show, pleasure, competition, speed, performance, trail and more. Her experience includes, but is not limited to: in hand, ground manners, ground work, long lining, round pen work, under saddle, hunt seat, saddle seat, dressage, western, English and western pleasure,  park saddle, driving, parade, jumping, contesting, vaulting, performance, and solving a multitude of problems, bad habits, vices, aggression, fear, bolting, hypersensitivity, shying, spooking and more.
Joy enjoys all aspects of training and takes great pride in helping people, whether it's starting a young horse, solving problems, or tuning up an old one.

WTS is also excited to announce that we are starting courses for those who would like to learn how to train horses for more information see the events page!

For further information or to schedule a tour of the facilities, consultation, or training
please email Joy @ wts

* The following forms need to be read, filled out, signed and returned prior to start of training.
(forms may also be obtained at WTS prior to; or at the time of drop off.)

New Client Information Form
WTS Release Form
WTS Policies and Procedures
WTS Medical Awareness Form


Full Training- working up to 5 days a week
1 month full training $750.00

Conditioning - working minimum 3-4 times a week
Less than 1 month / Conditioning $50 per ride
1 month Conditioning $550

Off Site Training @ $150 per hour including drive time to and from site. 

* On site training prices do not include board.

Board: See Rates Page
Travel Expenses: To be determined and contingent upon distance from WTS.