Robin Dusty Bishop

WTS is a family owned horse ranch. They are an amazing group of people that put their horses health, training and safety first. I was treated with kindness and caring while finding the perfect horse for me to buy. I found him!!! Perfect fit. Forever grateful to Joy, Jim and their staff.

Linda Mills

Wonderful working relationship.  Old fashioned honesty and trustworthiness are hard to come by in the horse world these days.  I found it here in abundance.  I particularly appreciated the outstanding care my Morgan mare Heart received during her breeding and throughout her pregnancy.  And the SPECTACULAR Morgan colt that she recently delivered!  The hand gentling the trainer and her staff provided from the moment that colt popped out is labor intensive.  But it will help to make him in to the people-oriented Morgan the breed is famous for and that I love to work and to ride.

Maria Walker

During 2015, I have both placed a horse in consignment to sell (and sold him), as well as bought a horse from consignment, with Weber Training Stables (WTS). Both transactions were handled with the utmost professionalism and I cannot express how utterly happy I am with both the consignment process at WTS and the outcome in both instances.

When I brought my horse to WTS to be sold, of course I entered into the standard consignment contract which provides for conditioning/training of the horse and working with potential purchasers. All of these activities were completed by Joy Weber and her staff in an exemplary manner.  Of course, I didn't abandon my horse and expect full time care by WTS, as the contractual arrangement does not include that. I paid his board in a timely manner and visited my horse regularly. I kept in regular contact with Joy and her staff regarding my horse's progress, conditioning, and showings to potential purchasers. In addition, I retained responsibility for my horse's health and welfare, including veterinary and farrier care. 

While it may take some time to find the right purchaser, I definitely believe that Joy and her staff have every consignment horse's wellbeing as their top priority. Overall, I brought my horse to be sold by professionals and that is exactly what I got and more, they handled the entire transaction from my bringing him to them to his being sold with the utmost professionalism and consideration. While it is difficult to trust anyone with your horse, there was never a time when I was concerned for my horse's welfare while he was at WTS.

Within this same period of time, I also purchased the most wonderful horse that was on consignment with WTS care for many months. He was extremely well cared for, as is every horse on consignment, in training, or boarded at WTS.

I highly recommend WTS to anyone who desires professional assistance regarding horses, whether it be for training, sales, purchasing, consultation, boarding, horsemanship, etc.

JD Barrale

My partner and I came to Weber Training Stables to look at a horse for sale earlier this year. Well, that was 4 horses ago...we have purchased 4 horses here. Why? Because it's an excellent horse facility in every way, all aspects of boarding, training and just caring for each horse is wonderful. I can't say enough about the staff, I got back on a horse after not having ridden in 30 years, my lessons have restored my confidence and I look forward to spending a lot more time here. Thank You all so very much!