Weber Training Stables


$750 a month. 

* On site training prices do not include board.

Off site training  
$150 per hour including drive time to and from site.

* Off site training/conditioning prices do not include travel expenses. 

Board for all stalls includes:
1) Feeding twice daily, Hay: alfalfa, alfalfa/rye mix, or 3way (up to 4 flakes daily),
2) Feeding of Supplements (owner provided),
3) Flaked shaving in box stalls,
4) Stall cleaned daily,
5) Daily feed through fly control
6) Blanketing
7) Regular turnout for your horse
Additional feedings, grain,  deworming, and other services are available at additional expense. 

Barn 1 (Stallion barn): $ 525.00
Barn 2 ( Indoor Stalls): $ 500.00
Partially covered pipestalls: $470.00

Private Lessons with Joy (45 min.) $85.00

Private Lessons with Joy w/horse in training $75.00

Private Lessons (45 min.) $70.00
Private Lessons (1/2 hr.) $45.00 (generally children 7 and under)
Semi Private Lessons $ 60.00 per rider (two riders, one instructor)
Group Lessons $50.00 per rider (one instructor, up to 3 riders)

Group Lessons with more than one instructor $ 65.00

* Participation in group lessons is contingent upon participants experience and lesson horse availability. For safety reasons group lessons are only available to intermediate - advanced riders. New students wishing to particpate in group lessons must schedule a private for evaluation purposes to determine eligibility.

Travel Expenses: To be determined and contingent upon distance from WTS.

Horse Shows
Horse Show Rates (per horse)

Daily rate:

The cost of Shared Tack / Dressing rooms/Grooms are divided equally between number of horses.

Transportation to and from shows:
 $100 per horse; cost of fuel, plus mileage @ .30 per mile ( gas to be divided by number of horses being hauled )

Standing Fees

Hacendado Arm $2000.00
Regency Pendragon $1250.00 LFG
WTS Believe the Hype $ 1500.00
Rain Thunder Cloud   $ 1000.00
SR My Poco Mister    $ 1000.00

Horse and Farm Sitting
Rates are negotiated and contingent upon distance, number of visits and specific requests.

Camps and Clinics
Rates for camps and clinics vary and are contingent upon length, content and skill level.

Additional Services
WTS will assist on and off site clients with a number of services. Services include, but are not limited to:

• Body clipping $125.00 (additional $25.00 for twitching or tranq)
• Lunging $10.00 (20 minutes) or $25.00 3 x week (60 minutes)
• Injury after care (to be determined based on care needed)
• Wound dressings (to be determined based on care needed)
• Medicating (to be determined based on care needed)
• Hand walking $5.00 (per 15 minutes)
• Worming $5.00
• Bathing $20.00 per bath ($15.00 if you provide supplies)
• Trimming (bridle path, ears, muzzle, legs, etc.) $15.00
Trimming that requires twitch or tranq $ 25.00
• Putting up and maintaining of tail $15.00 per week
Supplemental feeding $10.00 per week