Learn To Ride and Drive In Style

Lessons at WTS

At WTS lessons aren’t simply limited to what happens the moment you mount the horse. Riders learn the skills needed to be competent and proficient at all aspects of handling the horses they ride, from the moment they enter the stall and halter their mount; to grooming, tacking, longing, groundwork, warming up, riding, cooling down, rinsing and putting away. 

Riders also learn; to not only be able to identify and correctly place, fit and adjust the tack and training aids they are using, but also understand why certain tack, bits, or training aids are needed. In addition they’re taught the ability and technique to use them properly and responsibly. 

All riders, be it English, western , trail, dressage, jumping, performance, or whatever discipline you choose; regardless if it’s to compete, show, or just have fun, are taught a solid foundation and set of riding skills. These skills incorporate the proper body position and movements as well as correct placement and usage of hand, leg, seat, voice and training aides. A Strong emphasis is placed on not only what to do, but why you are doing it, and why your horse understands and responds. 

WTS strives to give its students not only exemplary riding skills, but also a well rounded understanding of the techniques they are using, the reasoning and logic behind those techniques, and a better understanding of the horse as a whole. 

It doesn’t matter how big or small your goals and ambitions are regarding riding. The art of doing so correctly cannot be over valued. Learning to ride correctly, responsibly, and with an understanding of, when, where, how, and why,  to apply a few simple universal techniques can make you a competent and successful rider regardless of what breed, size, shape, industry, or discipline the horse your paired with prevails from. 

Lessons with Joy Weber

Joy Weber is WTS on site trainer/riding instructor. Joy has coached several equestrian teams and has over 30 years experience in a variety of disciplines which include but are not limited to: dressage. western/cowboy dressage. hunt seat, saddle seat, western, contesting, vaulting, driving, long reins,  horsemanship, showmanship, equitation, jumping, pattern work and trail.

Joy approaches teaching individuals from a different perspective and while navigating proper position, riding fundamentals and usage of aides, her focus is teaching riders to understand and communicate what they need from their mounts, when and how to make corrections, the importance of consistency, and approaching each ride as not only what riders are learning in each ride but also what their horses are learning from them at the same time. 


Learn To Ride and Drive In Style


Private Lessons (45 min.) $70.00
Private Lessons (1/2 hr.) $45.00 (generally children 7 and under)
Semi Private Lessons $60.00 (two riders, one instructor)
Group Lessons $50.00 per rider (one instructor)

Group Lessons with more than one instructor $65.00

Private Lessons with Joy general $85.00

Private lessons with Joy w/horse in training $75.00

* Participation in group lessons is contingent upon participants experience and lesson horse availability. For safety reasons group lessons are only available to intermediate - advanced riders. New students wishing to particpate in group lessons must schedule a private for evaluation purposes to determine eligibility.

Shoes or boots containing a low heel and long pants are required dress. All students under the age of 18 are required to wear a helmet.

* The following printable forms need to be read, filled out, signed and returned prior to start of first lesson. (forms may also be obtained at WTS prior to scheduled lesson)

New Client Information Form
WTS Release Form
WTS Policies and Procedures


For further information or scheduling of lessons please email Joy @ wts


 Weber Training Stables has horses available for lease and can generally accommodate riders that are beginner through advanced. WTS requires all horses leased must remain stabled here at Weber Training Stables and all lessors are required to take a minimum of 2 lessons per month. Horses may be removed from the premises to attend shows, riding meets, trail rides or other scheduled events if insured by lessor and the activity is permissible by owner. 

* Leasing fees do not include provision of tack. Lessors are responsible for obtaining their own tack, or tack may be rented from the stable for an additional fee.


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Lessons with Joy Weber

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