WTS is the proud host of 
"Winning Colors Youth Group" 

Winning Colors is an AMHA youth club which is open to all youth 21 years of age or younger who are interested in improving their horsemastership skills and management knowledge. Owning a Morgan, or any horse is not a requirement.
The goal of the youth program is to provide educational experiences which increase knowledge of the Morgan and it's history, as well as, knowledge of other breeds, their histories and functions, and all areas of horse husbandry, including, but not limited to: grooming, training, nutrition, anatomy, conformation, health, rescue, breeding, unsoundness, stable management, tack, equipment, showing, judging, riding and driving skills. The youth program is also aimed at developing leadership, sportsmanship and citizenshp skills, as well as, providing opportunities for community service, social functions and educational hands on learning activities.
Winning Colors is open to all youth interested in improving their knowledge and experience with horses. Owning a horse is not a requirement and youth from all breeds, disciplines and backgrounds are welcome.

Participation and membership into "Winning Colors Youth Group" does not require an additional membership to the AMHA. It is; however, hoped that all Morgan youth and Winning Colors Youth Group members will also consider becoming youth members of the AMHA and taking advantage of the additional benefits, activities and programs open to them as AMHA youth members.

Anyone interested in joining "Winning Colors" or becoming an AMHA youth member can find membership information at the bottom of this page. If you have questions or would like more information on Winning Colors please contact Joy@WTS

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Horsemastership 101 Grooming Techniques Learning Vital Signs

         Stable Management           Tacking Obstacle Relays       Learning to Vault

If you would like to find out more about "Winning Colors", it's members, and their many activities, you can also go to a website created and maintained by Kira Foster and Ashley Arellano, who are both current youth group members. The following link will take you there. http://wcyg.webs.com/index.htm

Winning Colors Membership
Annual membership is good from January 1 through December 31.

Individual Membership $25.00
Family Membership ( 2 or more siblings ) $40.00

Download: Winning Colors Membership Application

AMHA ( American Morgan Horse Association) Membership

Annual membership is good from January 1 through December 31.

Youth Membership $15.00

Download: AMHAY (American Morgan Horse Association Youth) Membership Application